AYSO Area 1-P
Schedules for the 2000-2001
League Championship
and All Star Tournaments

We have schedules arranged by division and by date. These schedules were accurate at the time of posting. As there can be last minute changes that are not shown here, due to weather and other circumstances, if you are in any doubt as to the schedule please call 310-854-0897 or send an e-mail to the Tournament Director.


Small Ball  Saturday January 6 and Sunday January 7


In the event of any conflict between the Schedules by Date and by Division,
the Schedule by DIVISION is controlling


Please note that Region 514 is not sending a GU14 or GU12 team and the schedules have been amended to show those games as byes.
  Small Ball  Sunday January 14
Small Ball  Saturday January 20 Small Ball  Sunday January 21
Small Ball  Saturday February 3  Small Ball Sunday February 4
Small Ball  Boys U14 All Stars Small Ball  Girls U14 All Stars
Small Ball  Boys U12 All Stars Small Ball  Girls U12 All Stars
Small Ball  Boys U10 All Stars Small Ball  Girls U10 All Stars

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