2005-6 All Star Playoffs Pictures

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Boys Under 10 Champions

Coach Dermot Connell

Boys Under 10 Beverly Hills - 2nd place

Coach Kieron Swaine and Assistant James Brininger

Boys Under 10 Culver City - 3rd place

Coach Edgar Castillo

Boys Under 10 Santa Monica 4th place

Coach Michael Cross

Girls Under 10 Culver City Champions

Coach Humberto Benitez

Girls Under 10 Pacific Palisades 2nd place

Coach Steve Morris

Girls Under 10 Santa Monica 4th place

Coach Steve Eyler

Boys Under 12 Pacific Palisades Champions

Coach Alex Gansa

Boys Under 12 West Los Angeles 2nd place

Coach Ramsey Hakim

Girls Under 12 Beverly Hills 3rd place

Coach Scott Markowitz

Boys Under 14 Santa Monica Champions

Coach Harry Roussos