Welcome to the Schedules and Results pages for the 2003-4 All Star and League Champions tournaments.

Schedules have been posted as well as rules (one set for both tournaments) and separate League and All Stat tournament guidelines.  These are in Word format.

January 19 8:45 AM:  Score sheets and standings pages have been published as well as the All Star quarterfinal matchups for Saturday January 24.

These results have been checked by our tournament director but they remain subject to any comments or corrections.  NO CHANGES WILL BE MADE AFTER THURSDAY EVENING AT 6 PM, IRRESPECTIVE OF ANY MISTAKES POINTED OUT TO US AFTER THAT TIME.

January 19 1:55 PM We received a corrected score in BU12 that affects the placements for West LA (was 7, now 5), Beverly Hills (was 5, now 6) and Hollywood (was 6, now 7) and therefore changes game times and matchups.  The revised scores, standings and matchups have been posted.

NOTICE FROM AREA 1-P:  No one has a vested interest in the schedules.  Just because your team has been given a particular time, that does not mean that we need your permission to change it.  The Area reserves the right to make scheduling changes for the benefit of the program as a whole.  This includes situations where a team would be severely depleted at the originally scheduled time.  Also, as all-powerful as we like to think ourselves, we do not control the weather or the people who grant and pull our field permits.





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