Information for Area 1-P Referees

  • All volunteers must register or update their volunteer registration as AYSO volunteers for the current year.
  • All volunteers must complete SAFE Haven and Concussion Awareness online courses before officiating any games.
     - Safe Haven (AYSOU - MY Courses)
     - CDC concussion training (AYSOU - MY Courses)

Area 1-P Referee Schedules

Login here (Inleague)

If volunteer referees want to sign up for Area games, including Upper Division,  Area Playoffs and Area All Stars,they would login here: Inleague-Region 76
These competitions are hosted on the Region 76 InLeague76 site and if not already done so, volunteers will need to register as a user in Region 76.

All volunteers are required to update/re-sign their volunteer applications every year. When logging into the schedule at Inleague76, volunteers might be asked to update their application again - even if already done (if the volunteers is from a region other that 76). They should do it again - it is only so the systems can sync their databases.
Once logged in to the site, choose "Referees" and then "Referee Schedule Signup". Make sure you choose the correct competition from the dropdown list on the top left.

Once this is done, they would also need to be approved to officiate at those competitions. They can be approved by the Area Schedulers, Barry Moser ( ) or Kevin Knopf ( ).

If volunteers are having problems registering at Region 76, they can contact Melissa Krantz ( )

For the sake of completeness, following are the guidelines we ask all UD referees to follow:
  • Please cover at least one AR slot for each ref (center) slot.
  • Only sign up for matches that meet your comfort and badge levels.
  • Games that begin late may be shortened.  Games MUST end on time.
  • Area Rules and Procedures for Monitored Substitutions - Link
  • Recording Scores - please enter the scores at Inleague after your match.  Log-on to InLeague, click on "Referees", then "Scores and Standings" in the drop-down menu, then select the division of the game you refereed.  The next screen will ask you to enter the score for your match(es).
  • Game Cards -  scan/photograph game cards and monitored sub sheets and email to
  • Red Cards - If you have an ejection in your match, please fill out a misconduct report: Misconduct Report   Please email it to Ken Kotarski (, Area Director, and Tony Robinson (, Area Referee Administrator.
  • ID cards - are mandatory beginning September 22, 2019
    Before the start of the game, the coach will present the ID cards to the referee all the players shown on the lineup card. The coach and any assistant coach shall also present ID cards to the referee. 
    The referee will check the players and coaches against the ID cards and will return the ID cards to the coach. If a player, coach, or assistant coach is ejected before, during, or after a game, the coach shall immediately surrender the ID card of the ejected person to the assistant referee or the center referee. The game will not be restarted unless the ID card is surrendered. If the card is not surrendered, the referee may terminate the game. ID cards will be returned after player name and uniform number is noted for the misconduct report. See full Rules and Regulations

Area Contact Information

Area 1-P Staff    
  Area Referee Administrator  Anthony Robinson
  Area Director of Instruction  Rebecca Weinreich
  Area Director of Assessment  Derek Fabian
  Upper Division / Area Schedulers
        (16U, 19U, Area Playoffs)
 Barry Moser
 Kevin Knopf
  Area Director  Ken Kotarski
Section 1 Staff    
  Section Referee Administrator  Rick Roberts 
  Section Director of Instruction  Al Prado
  Section Director of Assessment  Rich Fichtelman
Area 1-P Regional Referee Administrators
Region 19 Kelley Kirkpatrick
Region 20 Gray O' Brien
Region 69 Marc Gordonson
Region 70 Andrew Fogg
Region 76 Robert Osborne
Region 78 Rebecca Weinreich
Region 1031 Nichole Wade
Region 1567 Matt Kimball
Region 1597    
Region 1647  

Documents and Forms

Intermediate Observations / Advanced Assessments
Referee Forms
Assessor Forms

Referee Classes

Intermediate Referee Class
  • Thursday Eve and Sunday Oct 24 - 27, 2019 Culver City & Beverly Hills, CA
  • Signup on AYSOU under “In-person classes”
  • More info (pdf)

New Law Changes for 2019/2020

Download the OFFICIAL IFAB Laws of the Game app!

Build-out Line

As part of their Player Development Initiatives, USSF has implemented the Build-out line (BOL) for 9U and 10U.

Here is a video explaining the new rules - This is updated for 2019.